cleaning, polishing, remodel

Summer end -detail projects begin.

This summer was the busiest in years.  More people, more rentals, more shopping,  less time, less worry.  That’s why we at C’s Home Management, Inc. worked extra hard this summer so that our clients could relax, entertain and take the worry out of the everyday maintenance.  We sent out our crews with superior training, excellent vacuums, microfiber cleaning cloths and mops, green seal certified cleaners, and happy staff.  they worked very hard and we are so grateful for the year we had with everyone.  The Hamptons sometimes turned into a big parking lot but we still managed to use back roads to get to our locations.  We had great feedback, great references, and most of all we pulled together as a team.  We are ready to start from scratch at our season homes so we can prepare for the next holiday weekend or winter getaway.  We have long lists that our staff uses, (they are secretive so If you want a copy you have to email us).  We also carry on for our regular homes with some extra touches.  So let the next season begin.   What’s in store for your fall /winter?

  1. Will you polish all stone and metals? redo counters?
  2. Make piles out of each room to start de cluttering
  3. Remodeling any rooms


Send pictures of your favorite projects- we will paick the best entries and publish.


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