3 Tips to Organize your home for Fall

Do you have little free time? Use these tips!

C’s has some Green House Cleaning tips to share with you, when you have little time to organize. During the off season many of our clients aren’t here so we do what is called DETAIL work and we are going to share them with you!

1.Clean out drawers and cabinets in kitchen and bathroom and medicine cabinet.

Take all items out to clean. While they are out go through them and check to see if you really need it, or if they are expired. If you haven’t used in the past year its a good idea to throw it out, especially medicine we wouldn’t want to give our children expired medications. Think of all the miss-matched Tupperware lids that flow out of the cabinets, or the empty boxes under the bathroom sink, being organized and ready to grab what you need,

2, Go Through Closets.

The fall is approaching and its time to put the summer cloths away and  make room for the fall and winter cloths. Take all your summer items and put them in piles, the ones you have worn and the ones you haven’t, donate  the ones you don’t to a local charity’s and store the rest in containers with a fabric softener sheet which will keep them smelling nice for next season.  PS: Don’t forget to remember to take it as  a tax deduction on your taxes!  🙂

3, Tackle the Linen Closet

First separate the linens and towels into two piles, one being guests and the other personal, guest sheets will last a lot longer than personal. To extend the life of your towels add a cup of white vinegar, to remove soap build up and restore to original fluffiness. When organizing sheets put sheet sets together so its easy to find. All old and unused items recycle to rags for the home and car washing.


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