6 Top Tips Designers swear by for Magic Measurements!

 Here are some tips from top Designers on spacing for rooms in your home!

1. Bedside Tables should be within two inches above or below the top of your mattress for easy access.

2. Choose a dining room rug that three-foot wider that the table so the chairs always rest on the rug.

3. The major thing decorators all agree on is GROUPS OF THREE (candles,potted plants, pictures you name it).

4. Use a pillow insert that’s one to two inches larger than the dimensions of your pillow for a luxurious, plush effect.

5. The space between the bottom of your chandelier and your dining room table should be 30-36 inches(otherwise you will be looking at it instead of your family).

6. Find a coffee table that’s no more higher or lower than 5 inches than the sofa, so you can, kick back and relax comfortably.


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