The Artic has Begun to Defrost! The Heatwave is upon us….

cleaning leaves out of gutters, march fast fix upgrades

1.Before spring rains, make sure the weight of snow and ice hasn’t cracked or detached your gutters, then clear any debris that may cause clogs.

clean fridge, march fast fix upgrades

2. Use a fridge thermometer (about $5) to ensure that it’s running at safe temps—35 to 38 degrees F—then clean the drain pan to prevent mildew growth.

sawing off a broken or injured tree limb, march fast fix upgrades

3. Snow and ice storms can make weak branches bend and break. Prune injured limbs to help trees heal.

changing the battery in a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm, march fast fix upgrades

4. After turning clocks forward on March 9, remember to replace the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

dusting a light bulb with a feather duster, march fast fix upgrades

5. Wiping them with a microfiber cloth can increase your home’s brightness by up to 20 percent.

old damp basement, march fast fix upgrades

6. Dampness can cause mold, rot, and other issues, so look for signs of moisture, cracks, or leaks in basement walls. A dehumidifier can help with mild moisture problems, but if they persist, consult a pro.


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