To Zen ……Or Not….This is the Question

1.Do One Thing At A Time.

     (1. Multitask as many things as possible all at once.)

2. Do It Slowly And Deliberately.

     (2. Multi-task as fast as you can, without concern for quality of the result.)

3. Do It Completely.

     (3. Let everything be half done.)

4. Do Less.

     (4. Always add more and more activities to your time.)

5. Put Space Between Things.

     (5. Don’t take a break, just keep pressing from one thing to the next.)

6. Develope Rituals.

     (6. Everything is the same, nothing is special.)

7. Designate Time for Certain Things.

     (7. Let life be a giant slushpile of things to do whenever you can do them.)

8. Devote Time to Sitting.

     (8. Never give yourself a break to be still and “come home to yourself”.)

9. Smile And Be Kind to Others.

     (9. Have a bad attitude and think only of yourself.)

10. Let Cooking and Cleaning Become Meditations and Time for yourself, Or Call C’s Home and Office. 🙂

     (10. See Cooking and cleaning as drudgery and cheerless chores.)

Life is short, Enjoy it and be Happy!


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