How To Fold A Fitted Sheet!

They was a lot of chatter on my blog yesterday on how to fold sheets, here is how to fold like us at C’s…


Fitted sheets are great on the bed, but can be tricky to fold. Here’s how,

Turn the Sheet Inside Out

Hold up the sheet, inside out, and slip your hands inside the top two corners. The wrong side of the fabric should be facing you and the right side should be touching your hands.

Folding Fitted Sheets

Spread Out the Sheet

Carefully lay the sheet down on a large, flat surface — such as a table, or the top of a bed — so it is spread out smoothly. Fold the sheet right side together, slipping the top corners gently inside the two bottom corners. Arrange the corners neatly.

Woman Folding a Polka Dotted Fitted Sheet

Fold the Edges to the Inside

Fold the sheet edges to the inside. The flaps of fabric that hug the mattress should be neatly folded down in line with the corners, making a large rectangle with all loose edges tucked in smoothly.

Fold Fitted Sheet

Fold the Sheet in Half

Fold the sheet in half, stacking all four corners on top of one another and encasing the folded sheet sides. The curved edges should be tucked down to create a (more-or-less) smooth rectangle.

Folding Fitted Sheets

Create a Long, Narrow Strip

Fold the sheet in half again to create a long, narrow strip. The tighter and smoother the folds, the less likely it is that the sheet will become wrinkled — or balloon to an enormous size in the linen storage area.

Folding Fitted Sheets

Make a Rectangle

Fold the strip in half, then (depending on the sheet size) in half or in thirds to make a compact — and wrinkle-free — rectangle. Match the fitted sheet with its flat partner (and any pillowcases), and tuck away neatly in the linen closet or linen storage area. If linens aren’t in active use, refold them once or twice a year to avoid fiber damage along the creases.

Compact Folded Sheet

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