It’s Friday, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…..Dryer Sheets

10 Ways to Recycle Household Items: Dryer Sheets

Recycle: It Saves Time And Money.

You can recycle household items for uses within you home. Dryer sheets are one household item that has many uses. Dryer sheets have many uses after they have been used in the dryer. These are 10 tips to recycle your used dryer sheets around your home.

1. Make a fire!

Place used dryer sheets in empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Make sure that the dryer sheets stay in the rolls by filling the roll and folding the edges in. Place under the wood and light, and presto! You have a fire!

2. Got stinky shoes?

No problem! You have used dryer sheets. Placing a dryer sheet or two in a stinky shoe will help reduce or eliminate any mild odors present. * Note: This may not work on really stinky shoes

Recycle household items hamptons house cleaning3. Keep your clothes and linens smelling fresh!

A great way to recycle a used dryer sheet is to place a few in your closet. This will keep your clothes and linens smelling fresh for longer. Depending on the size of your closet you may need more or less. Place a dryer sheet on each side of your dresser drawer as well.

4.  Does your luggage smell musty?

Before storing your luggage place a few dryer sheets inside. It will help keep the musty smell away. Bring a few dryer sheets along on vacation as well. Place them inside your laundry bag to keep a barrier between clean and dirty laundry.

5. Gym Bags. Enough said.

Washing your gym bag regularly is a necessity, especially if you use it every day. By placing a used dryer sheet in your gym bag it will help in between visits to the washing machines. See tip 2 for your gym shoes.

6. Pet Hair

Recycle household items hamptons house cleaning

You can recycle dryer sheets instead of using a lint roller to remove pet hair from any clothing. This trick also comes in handy with removing pet hair from cloth furniture. The anti-static properties will help keep the hair off your clothes and furniture but you may have one determined pet! I know we do!

7. Send fragrance around your home!

Place a dryer sheet in a new vacuum bag. This will distribute the scent around your home as you vacuum. It’s killing two birds with one stone.  Be sure not to block airflow or place in an area where it could cause a fire.

8. Dust your baseboards:

Use a dryer sheet to remove dust and pet hair from your base boards. The anti-static properties will also help repel dust and hair from the baseboards in the future. This makes cleaning your home easier.

9. Fresh pillows forever!

Place a used dryer sheet in your pillow case; or leave the one that managed to get inside during the dryer cycle.  This will give you the fresh out of the dryer smell every night. *You should still wash your pillow case.

10. What’s that smell!?!?

Put dryer sheets on the bottom of your garbage bin. They will absorb any spills that leak out of the bag. If you recycle plastic shopping bags for your bathroom garbage, they tend to form little holes and can leak. Your bin will also smell fresh.  Replace the sheets when you replace the bag.

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