It’s Reuse, Recycle and Reduce Friday……….Coffee Grinds!

If you drink a lot of coffee, put those spent coffee grounds to use by recycling them in these useful ways.

1. Use it to scrub burnt pots and pans. Not only are coffee grounds mildly abrasive, they’re also great at cutting grease. This power combo will make scrubbing burnt pots and greasy pans an easy task. Pour a few spoonfuls of used coffee grounds into your problem pan and use a sponge, scouring pad or dish brush to make cleaning a breeze. On an extremely greasy pan, I used coffee grounds with the coffee filter and all to start the scrubbing job.

2. Boost your brunette hue. Coffee grounds can bring new life to dark tresses. Boost your color and simultaneously add shine by rubbing used coffee grounds into the hair and scalp. You can also achieve similar results by brewing dark coffee and spraying it onto the hair.

3. Conceal scratches on wood furniture. Use coffee grounds to darken scratches on wooden furniture by swabbing the affected area with used coffee grounds and letting it sit for 10 minutes. Scratches on darker furniture may need to sit a bit longer.

4. Beauty enhancer. Used coffee grounds can be a cheap trick to add to your list of beauty secrets. Use as an exfoliant in a homemade facial/body scrubs and in homemade soaps. Some believe that coffee grounds can be a way to diminish the appearance of cellulite. If you want to try the cellulite-concealing scrub combine coffee grounds with olive oil and rub onto thighs. Let sit for a few minutes and rinse off. Try at your own risk, however. And if it works – tell me – I’ll do it every day. 😉

5. Conceal kitchen odors. Coffee can mask bad smells in the kitchen. Place used grounds at the bottom of a new trash bag to conceal ripe scents, or place a small bowl in the fridge to mask unpleasant smells from spoiled foods or spills.

6. Frugal garden helper. Coffee grounds are a natural power-house in the garden. Use coffee grounds to deter slugs from your plants or add into soil to create the right condition for certain plants. There are plenty more uses for coffee grounds in the garden that this article will do a way better job at explaining than I can.

7. Natural dye. If you need to add a darker hue to a craft or homemade project, use steeped coffee grounds to add a rustic color to fabric or paper.

If you have any more tips for recycling used coffee grounds please share them in the comments below. I always enjoy learning from you guys!


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